Bielenda Professional Liquid Crystal Ultra Hydrating Face Cream Duo Aqua-Porine & Trehalose SPF 15, 100ml

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Intended for: all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skin

Active ingredients: Ceramides, Phytosterols, Linoleic Acid and Linolenic Acid extracted from Kukui Nut Oil, Linoleic Acid extracted from Passiflora Oil, Duo AQUA-Porine, Trehalose, Betaine

DUO AQUA – PORIN  – Salicornia herbacea extract (salt marsh plant living in coastal areas which can adapt to the most extreme environmental conditions) responsible for aquaporin-mediated water and urea transport, the so-called hydrostatic equilibrium. It helps effectively rebuild the structure of the epidermis to restore optimum skin hydration levels.

TREHALOSE – A natural disaccharide that permits survival of selected plant species in conditions of extreme dehydration. Trehalose protects human skin against excessive dehydration. It helps maintain proper skin moisture and prevents fibroblast degeneration.

BETAINE – A natural product with unusual water-binding properties. It protects the skin against mechanical and chemical damage. It smoothes the skin, giving instant impression of smoothness. Betaine influences the proper transport of water to and from the skin cells.

Capacity: 100 ml            Yield: 30 treatments

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